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Development and application of mitigation and adaptation
strategies and measures for counteracting the global
Urban Heat Islands phenomenon
This project is implemented through
the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme
co-financed by the ERDF

Pilot area – Wien

General information
Geographic location Wien
Starting date (effective)  2011
Ending date (estim.)  2014
Presentation of the pilot area

Pilot Action Vienna (3.0 MiB)

Descriptions of interested area, sub-area (if considered), pilot area in details

  • General description of the area including the pilot area
  • Description of specific pilot area (including physical, economic and social conditions)

Description of the planning systems, social-economic and environmental conditions

  • Territorial level of planning, including main instruments
  • Social and economic conditions
  • Environmental conditions
  • Main climatic -meteorological characteristics and phenomena in the pilot area

Specific need and climate protection initiatives developed in the area (eventual)

  • Specific needs of the area
  • Specific experiences related with climate or energy policies in the area or in comparable contexts

Main redevelopment indication, expected results (also positive effect on other sectorial polices), local involvement

  • Redevelopment indications, planning tools to be implemented, main guidelines to develop the specific project
  • Expected results
  • Describe how the expected results of your PA can positively affect the environmental and agricultural policies in your region
  • Report how the different level of stakeholders will be involved in the pilot action
Pilot Action Vienna
Pilot Action Vienna


3.0 MiB