Consultation tool
The tool will allow you to select your specific interest saving your time. The consultation will be easier and quick, and the final report will be structured as a resume of the needed material.

Climate long term perspective

To understand the different factors influencing urban heat island phenomena, please consult the UHI Atlas, a simple tool realized in the framework of UHI project. You are kindly invited to take a look at Central European Region and to see where areas that have higher air and land surface temperatures are located.

Change in annual mean temperature (source: ENSEMBLES climate change project)
Heat wave frequency (source: ENSEMBLES climate change project)
Changes in annual near-surface temperature (source: ENSEMBLES climate change project)

The Urban Heat Island phenomenon (UHI)
In this project the Urban Heat Island phenomenon has been studied in various European cities, choose the one that interests you.

Spatial and urban planning
Choose the regulatory framework in your area.

Mitigation strategies
The phenomenon can be investigated by applying specific mitigation actions; Choose the mitigation action you want to deepen and find out its benefits on UHI.


Cool roofs
Green roofs
Green facades
Facade surface and construction selection/retrofit
Geometry of Urban Canyon


Cool pavements
Pervious pavements

Green areas

Planting trees within the urban canyon
Park, green areas

Pilot areas
In the project eight pilot action have been implemented; choose the one you want to deepen.

To accomplish the entire project, experts from throughout Central Europe worked together. What skills do you need?

Urban planning
Building skill

Simulation tools
To simulate the effect of mitigation actions in the urban area object of the pilot, different estimation models have been used. What aspect of you interested in deepening?

Global scale

Weather forecast
Climate of your region
Future climatic scenarios
Weather risks for your region due to climate change

Urban/district scale

Urban micrometeorology
Influence of land use on urban climate
Effectcs of street characteristics (orientation, width , buildings height...) on urban climate
Effects of urban topography on climate
Influence of land use on urban climate
Influence of different kind of roofs on urban climate
Influence of different kind of pavements on urban climate
Human perception of climate
Knowing how land use influnces the human state of wellness


Influence of different kind of roof on building
Effects on micrometeorological variables due to different materials and properties of the building
Influence of good/bad adopted measures on human health/wellness at building scale

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