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Development and application of mitigation and adaptation
strategies and measures for counteracting the global
Urban Heat Islands phenomenon
This project is implemented through
the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme
co-financed by the ERDF
Ljubljana – Green areasLjubljana – River crossingBudapest – Erzsébet square
Ljubljana – Green areas
Ljubljana – River crossing
Budapest – Erzsébet square

Welcome to UHI

UHI Project aims at developing mitigation and risk prevention and management strategies concerning the urban heat island (UHI) phenomenon. The UHI is a microclimatic phenomenon that occurs in the metropolitan areas. It consists in a significant increasing of the temperature in the urban area respect to the surrounding peri-urban and rural neighbourhoods.
UHI Project is developed in 8 of the most relevant metropolitan areas and MEGAs (Mega Urban Regions) of Central Europe cooperation programme:

  • The metropolitan cluster of Bologna – Modena (IT)
  • The urban corridor of Venice – Padua (IT)
  • Wien (AT)
  • Stuttgart (DE)
  • Lodz & Warsaw (PL)
  • Ljubljana (SI)
  • Budapest (HU)
  • Prague (CZ)

Decision Support System (DSS)

A software tool for users interested in the implementation of mitigation measures for counteracting UHI phenomenon.

The UHI Atlas

A simple tool for a presentation of different factors influencing urban heat island phenomena.



New documents in section “Publications”

  • Counteracting Urban Heat Island Effects in a Global Climate Change Scenario
  • Pianificazione urbanistica e clima urbano

Newsletter, Issue #4

The 4th (and last) issue of our regular newsletter has been published


Article about UHI project in the magazine L’Espresso

An article about UHI project has been published in L’Espresso, which is an important, widely read Italian magazine.


Czech project results in TV

Urban heat islands – interview with Maria Kazmuková (Project partner 14) and Michal Žák (Project partner 16) about the project results in the Czech television morning show Studio 6


UHI Local Event in Prague – June 23, 2014

The second local working group (LWG) meeting was held in Prague on 23rd June, 2014